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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  October 28, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg:, hi, everybody. welcome back. what's going on? number one, theette many -- the mets lost. rosanna: yes, a lot of people sleepy today. greg: just for an a moment we are talking about the yankees. derek jeter. rosanna: we are fascinated with him. you know, one, he's handsome, one of the best players. greg: women dig this guy, and it looks like he's engaged. rosanna: you are kidding me, he's not a player any more? greg: who is this woman?
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rosanna: that is hannah davis. greg: they have been dating for a long time. rosanna: a few years and i have seen her in sports illustrated. she's very smart. greg: well, terrific. is it true? i don't know. assist in the daily news. rosanna: the thing that got everybody saying there is truth to the rumor, when he retired last year, he wanted to leave and start a family. so it makes sense, maybe it is time. he should put a ring on it. greg: he was a bit of a lady's man over the years. she's certainly not the first. who is this?
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she married. oh, mariah carey. greg: also, rosie o'donnell. i never knew they dated. rosanna: that is a joke. greg: interesting. rosanna: you are a troublemaker. greg: juliet huddy is on the streets and getting reaction to the news. >> reporter: yes, is it true, the daily news is saying it is. besides george clooney, derek jeter is a poster boy for the bachelor bachelor. jessica mr. jeter made a mark among the
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some people when he said after retiring he retired because he wanted to start a family. some people laughed at that. many people laughed at that. guess what, mr. jeter may be getting the last laugh, we know what happened when george clooney met the beautiful and smart amall and she became mrs. george clooney. i talked to some folks on the street to hear their reactions. here is what they had to say. >> i believe he can settle down because it is the right time. if he thinks it is the right time. >> sad he's off the market. >> best of luck to him. a good person in baseball. > reporter: most people said they believe it and witch him happiness. they have seen him with her for
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one tweet wishes him well and she's been trying to get a date with you, greg kelly. the situation here, appears to be settled according to the daily news and derek jeter appears to be engaged. we hear there is a ring, we don't know about a wedding date. greg: i appreciate that. i'm going to focus on journalism for the time being. rosanna: we believe in love. it is nice, why not. greg: it is all about the journalism. >> to the mets, 14 innings. the game ended after 1:00 in the morning in kansas city. the mets lost 5-4. but intense. and enjoyable. rosanna: lots of people staying up to see every single second of
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greg: kind of weird, where the technical glitch happened and for four minutes we looked at this. rosanna: and take us to the international team. how come they are on? greg: their imaginations were running wild. what happened in kansas city. rosanna: i thought sabotage. it happens. greg: two generators failed at the same time. they need those things. citi field, getting ready for the world series and painting the grass with the logo. rosanna: that is fun. greg: that is fun. rosanna: yeah. greg: by the way, we are going to be there just like at yankees stadium, we are on the field friday night doing a special pre-game show. here we are back in the day with
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the yankees. we hung around the field. at one point went into the dugout and did an interview. rosanna: that was fun. greg: i don't know about the subject here. rosanna: we are having great uests. greg: we are running the bases. we conducted a live interview in the yankees dugout with cheech and chong. that was fun. they let us in the dugout. rosanna: we had a very good time. we have great guests lined up for friday night at 7:00. join us here on fox 5. greg: duke is at the royals stadium, hello, duke, what are you doing in kansas city when not watching baseball? duke: well, i was here yesterday. i got here at 5:00 a.m. local time and went home to the hotel,
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napped for an hour and back. so a lot of baseball. i love it. i'm outside the mets dugout right here. we are talking baseball. i know the mets fans are disappointed. but this was a great game. if they win tonight, you are happy, you are supposed to split on the road and come back and going into the game 3, you will be excited. so you know, i think the mets tonight. last night, top of the 5th curtis grander at the plate. he's had a great year. he goes deep. and it is 2-1 mets. top of the 8th. a globe gloverer can't make the play bottom of the 9th. leaving the yard.
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that is tied at four. bottom of the 12th. bases loaded. fly out. the game is tied at four. going to the bottom of the 14th inning. the game is tied at four. comes up the hero, the sack fly. granderson making it close. the throw is a strong one but not in time. the royals tame the game 5-4 is the final score. >> we are here because they have a good team and they have very, very good pitching, so you know, sometimes it is frustrating but you know it works on both sides too. they won the game, but our guys did a good job of keeping out of trouble and they had a lot of opportunities.
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the mets tonight. he's 3-0 with a 1.80 era. and he seems to be upbeat and optimistic. >> i just like pitching. home or road, it doesn't matter. i enjoy pitching on the road in the post season. you go out and getting booed and it is fun to try to silence the crowd. duke: funny story, he told the media yesterday he was going to cut the hair after the post season, we knew that the day before and we discussed it yesterday morning and everyone in the room, no, you can't cut the hair. he's going to cut the hair after the world series. we'll see about that. greg: i need a hair cut. rosanna: no, i like it. greg: are you sure? rosanna: it is going to blow in the mind. greg: we'll see.
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remember this song, a classic mets anthem. it is the mets fight song... going back to the 1960s. all right. since then, a lot of things happened musically for everybody and for the mets. they have updated the songs over the years. as a matter of fact, setting up the next segment i will play you a song called and she said. this is by lucas prada. listen to it. rosanna: i never heard this song. greg: it was a hit in the day.
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that is your voice there. rosanna: that is you? greg: were you a one hit wonder? >> i had a bunch of dance hits on the radio. that was the biggest international hit. greg: pump that up again. rosanna: yes, i do remember that song. greg: it was before doing this show, i heard this club, on 14th street? rosanna: lime light? greg: no. pankeya. i heard it there. sorry about the comment. rosanna: you are a super fan. >> the song went number one in america and i got a call from z 100 on the morning show and let's do a parody of the mets song with your song.
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and it was a big hit. they played it every game in the 8th inning and people stood up and sang the song in the game. i was born in queens. it is a big thing for me. here we are in 2015, let's do it again. he said i don't know. trust me, it is going to wrote. he rewrote the song for the season. it is all over the place. things are good. greg: we want to hear it. we are going to listen. are you ready? >> always ready. i'm a big fan and watch you every day. >> all right. queens, new york. here we go. you got to believe they'll bring it home, this team is set start
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we got cespa and david wright. new york mets have got their fans going crazy. do you believe that this is the mets season? yes, you know you do. you got to believe, it is finally our time. we say, yeah, yeah, yeah... let's goooo. yeah, yeah, yeah. let's go. and we say yeah, yeah, yeah.
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yeah, yeah, yeah. let's go. the new york mets have always been amazin'. will flores crying to stay in orange and blue. come on. do you believe that this is the mets season? yes, you know do. you got to believe it's finally our time. sing it with me. yeah, yeah, yeah. let's gooo.
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yeah, yeah, yeah. let's go. let's go mets, baby. do you remember the song now? rosanna: that is a great song. greg: that could be played any where. there is a ring to it. rosanna: that is going through my head. >> hit songs never die. it is continuing to come back. greg: can people buy it? is>> i am giving it away for free. that is what i want to do. it is a free giveaway. greg: can we montiez it? >> sure. greg: what are you up to? >> i am managing artists. i'm developing artests. i have a disney artist.
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up, i'm like, let me get some of the dust off. greg: we'll get you a chorographer. good stuff. >> thank you so much. rosanna: nice to meet you. >> you too. rosanna: when we come back, bradley cooper. greg: in the meantime, mike. mike: let's go mets. game time, not like yesterday, the rain moved out of their area and coming to us. it is clear and chilly, the temperature at first pitch 52 and tanking out and breezy and cool out there in kansas city. just be aware of that. to here, the wet weather exiting that area is coming to us. scattered showers this morning. mostly at the lower hudson
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valley. there is more down to southwest, and so, that is what we are watching to come to us here. a coastal flood advisory also going into effect from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 in the afternoon, look out for the areas. minor flooding coming up for us here, not a huge deal. the temperature 57 central park. 58 newark. 59 islip. 40s up to the north and west. there is the wind, it is strong coming in from the east northeast 5-12 miles per hour. and that's what is piling up the waters and the coastal flood advisory. it is a prettily large system we are dealing with. low pressure is coming out of the mid western states and coming up to the northeast, we have a t lo of showers out there. most of this is in the light to
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not a lot of pockets of heavy showers. there it is on the futurecast, afternoon. by tomorrow morning most of the us. so hopefully that helps out a little bit here. we should see a clearing and cooler temperatures in the days to follow. weather. rain. temperatures up to 64, 65 degrees in the city. winds out of the east 10-20 higher. the heavy rain coming in this evening and tonight. one and a half to two and a half inches of rain before it is out of here early on thursday. good. halloween is looking good, just a little cool and this is the weekend to chapg the clocks back and we have the marathon. over to you.
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rosanna: mike, that is good, friday we are going to the game. greg: bradley cooper, the actor, he's a nice guy i have heard. rosanna: yeah, they say he's a very nice guy. greg: he's in a new movie. rosanna: it is called burnt and he plays a chef and trying to redeem himself and coming back for a second chance in the food world and taking an miller as a sou chef. the movie is great. if you love bradley cooper and food, you are going to love the movie. i got to spoke to them. one of the aspects is the authenticity about the restaurant business, bradley looked like he was really a
9:20 am
from an italian american background helped to prepare him for the role as a chef. >> i had an uner hand because i had grown up in that house hold, my uncle is an incredible cook. i learned everything from my grandmother and worked in restaurants as a teenager and right before college as a prep cook. so i learned a lot, thank god, going in. and she's a huge cook too. we had no idea about the level of the accuracy and how tense and stressful this level of cooking, this three mitch lin star level of cooking is incredible. we had chefs train us. we tried to make it as authentic as possible. we are all cooking in the movies. there are no doubles.
9:21 am
it is us up there. rosanna: it is going to the screaming and shouting behind the scenes in the restaurants as well and throwing of the plates, have you encountered that? >> i did growing up. that was in 1996 or 5. i think that it was more rampant 8-10 years ago and there is a move for that to change. the chefs i watched, her brigade it was as if everything was done with her eyes and gestures. but just as scary. rosanna: you are terrific and prer sighs, i heard that bradley really wanted you in this role and it is because of exploring
9:22 am
the friendship between you guys, not just on the screen. [laughter] >> we had a great experience making american sniper and worked together in a similar way. we have a really similar work ethic and really great experience doing that film and we are great friends. it is a bonus to go to work with someone you work well with. >> yes, you want to be with the people you are getting along with. the rest of the cast is like minded. >> it actually worked out orr january cli. everything kind of aligned. rosanna: i feel like you have a little thing going on, do you have another project you are working on?
9:23 am
we were both doing plays on broadway at the same time. no, we don't have anything going on. rosanna: so nice to have you. >> do you have ideas? >> rosanna: yes, plenty, come and see us any time on "good day new york." have a good day. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you. rosanna: they are so sweet. burnt. it is a fun easy movie to see, greg. greg: i'm going to watch american sniper again. he's great in that movie. rosanna: he's great in this movie. coming up here on "good day new york", one of the disney channel pop stars and got a spinoff now, and he's huge on social media, too.
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greg: rosanna, that is huge,
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(family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. greg:, this is our new friend and he's really, really cool. you know him from the diary of the wimpy show and a bunked on
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nice to meet you. >> thank you. rosanna: all the fans are happy that bunked came back. >> yes, it is exciting and all over the place. debby was stepping up to the plate with a spinoff and she was like the leader of that show and now doing a spinoff and introducing new kids to the family. greg: look i'm not up to speed on the disney things. >> you don't spend your free time watching the disney channel. rosanna: he doesn't have kids. greg: we want out what we have to about bunked. what do we need to know about the show? >> bunked, the rock kids lived in new york and the paernts are camp sweet hearts and met in
9:28 am
maine and we return to the camp and exploring there, and finding the romance and experience crazy creatures and they have some amazing add ventures adventures. rosanna: i want to see you in action. >> it is not making you popular here. >> i have never been popular. but now, i am respected. >> really? because when the kids in arts and crafts found out this is for you, this can what they made. >> why would they make this? greg: it is looking funny. you are playing up the indian accent. >> yes, it is fake. i was born in the states. my parents are immigrants and i'm first generation in this
9:29 am
country and grew up in seattle. rosanna: how important is the character to breaking the barriers in the community? >> well, what disney is about is making sure every kid is watch a movie or a channel and relating to someone up there, from being sitcoms. so you know, we are reaching out to more fan bases and kids are relate to the characters. greg: it looks funny. do you have qualms about the accent? >> sometimes i lose it. it needs maintenance. but yeah, it takes practice. if i haven't done it for months, home? i say i need to practice. greg: you have a million plus followers on instagram. i want to see the page. 1.4 million followers. rosanna: how do you get 1
9:30 am
#.4 million followers. >> i don't know. i don't get it. greg: if we do something for them right now, who knows, a hundred thousand will jump. >> let's take a selfie. let's do it. greg: take a look there. this is a live look at the selfie in progress. rosanna: do you have to do -- serious or funny? greg: hi, hi. all right. rosanna is sticking out her tongue. >> that is great. greg: now post that. rosanna: can you tag us? >> sure. greg: i don't have an account. once you post this, what happens? >> i have no idea. greg: you have a rough idea.
9:31 am
it is 6:30 in l.a. rosanna: how do you balance the working, and going to school and all of that stuff? >> we have set tutors over on -- greg: it is on twitter, is it on instagram? >> yes. let's see. rosanna: already 35 likes. greg: all right: refresh. 106 likes. rosanna: are you kidding me? greg: this is like catnip. rosanna: how do you use the instagram and twitter? >> personally, i mean, it is a cool way for me to interact with the fans. a lot of times the fans are on different coasts or different countries and we all have a conversation and discuss.
9:32 am
greg: and cool, sell something some day what. are the people saying? rosanna: 130 likes. greg: watching. stuff like that. i love greg. rosanna: it is hilarious. greg: careful, there could be a bad word or two. good people like you. rosanna: this is awesome. greg: good stuff. rosanna: 982 likes. greg: this is what you want to do for the rest of your life? >> yes. i hope it goes well. rosanna: you are on the way. so nice to meet you. andy is going to perform for us right now.
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greg: this is andy. pretty cool sound, rosanna. it is like one of the favorites, def punk. rosanna: and he's a new yorker. greg: washington heights.
9:36 am
called uncomfortable and performing on friday. >> thank you for having me. rosanna: talk about the album. >> it just came out and i'm touring now. hitting number one independent album in the country. number 8 on the billboard. we are having fun with it. rosanna: greg is looking at the hoody, and the hat. >> 116 is the team. greg: what is that? >> my team. rosanna: we'll talk about that. greg: this talk box guy, the def punk thing. what are you going to do? >> called now i know.
9:37 am
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rosanna: now you know, for sure. greg: album is uncomfort and fun and questionable lyrics. we like it. rosanna: tickets available? >> tickets are sold out. check back. greg: what about your folks, parents?
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thank you, thank you talk look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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milk, fruit, cultures.
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greg: what is next on the show... this is cool. all right, rosanna. rosanna: where'd you get that? >> hello. rosanna: you are in high gear for the mets. >> i love it. and i'm a queens person and let me tell you why the love the mets fans, they are true blue. rain.
9:42 am
i went to the mets rally on monday and saw a bunch of fun people. take a look. >> i'm at the beckest mets rally in queens and i didn't have the gear. someone said, take a t-shirt. where'd you get, let's go mets. mets head to toe, i'm feeling the necklace, but i like the shades. where yesterday you get that? >> in the neighborhood, from the go-getter. he's a yankees fan, i'm a mets fan. i will take them. like $10. >> there you go. the neighborhood, what neighborhood is that? >> queens. wood side. >> 1, 2, 3.
9:43 am
>> let's go mets. memorabilia. so give me prices. >> everything is ten. keep it simple for the fans. . quick. not a lot of change. >> yes, end the series quick, sweep them. >> looking into the camera and give the mets a message. >> mets we have to sweep, we have to win, bring the trophy to new york. >> mets what? >> dance. >> rock it out. >> shimmy. work it out. the mets booing ji. >> where'd you get that?
9:44 am
mets win. go mets. >> i actually found someone crying mets tears. >> i got them at a game. we won tickets. yeah. i got four layers of mets here. the sweaters, the jersey. >> how about a mets bra. >> put it on the list. >> there you go. i love it. you are representing and you are super cute. let's see the cape. how cute is that? >> the dark knight. >> how much? >> 20 bucks. >> love the little doll. >> workshop when i was like ten years old. >> really? >> yes, i have had this. he's a little dirty.
9:45 am
because the mets are going to do it this year. i'm 22 tomorrow. >> what's your name. >> sal from wood haven. >> you look incredible. where'd you get that? how long did it take to put it together? >> nine years. i come from howard beach. >> how many pins do you have? is>> about 280. >> you have been a mets fan all your life? >> yes. bring it home mets. >> that is fun. let's go mets. greg: look at the cool kids. >> a they are adorable. i love the orange shirts. rosanna: we are meeting them, involved with change for kids.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
so there's a big event happening called change for kids. >> yes, here at hashtag change for kids. change for kids. greg: what kind of change and has the president been by lately? he's been there? >> yes, for sure. today it is about the brooklyn landmark. rosanna: these kids here. greg: change them how? >> we bring awareness, we bring education and a better future to the ks rosanna: you help to fund the lunch program there? >> yes. rosanna: do you know about the lunch program at school. is it good, the food? >> yes. rosanna: okay, good. are you learned a lot? >> yes.
9:50 am
rosanna: about eating healthiy? >> yes. >> they are coming to prep the tacos. greg: how about that. the best we had was pizza day. you have the blue water grill. >> we are making fish tacos. we have corn flour. we are forming this little ball and going into the press, we press here. rosanna: look at this, this the magical. >> and we fry them. rosanna: oh, love guacamole. greg: can she help? >> of course. greg: kids, you are looking cute, but you have to work. rosanna: start making the ta toe
9:51 am
tacos. >> we have fish. rosanna: it is great to teach the kids about nutrition. >> yes. last week i went to ps 277 in the bronx and talking about guacamole, the health of avocados and the ingredients that goes into making the guacamole and they were so, like, so appreciative and ready and engaging in the learning so much more. greg: you might need to practice that. rosanna: i don't know. maybe initially. greg: did you like it? >> yes, it is good. rosanna: talk about the event and are there tickets available? >> tomorrow night, it is chelsea piers at the light house. rosanna: that is fun.
9:52 am
>> yes, available for tomorrow night. rosanna: finished product? you look like a chef of the future. greg: this is very, very fancy for children. this is really cool looking stuff. >> super healthy. greg: what'd you want? they want this. rosanna: we are putting up the information on our website at chef
9:53 am
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rosanna: thank you so much for saying nice things about us on facebook. greg: this is fun, kids. rosanna: you look i don't know what. like a fight with the chef. with bradley cooper. greg: it is not working.
9:55 am
you kids are cool. rosanna: all right. you like the school? are you going to school today? >> yes, we have to go. greg: school is a pain at times. rosanna: no, it is not. you have to learn. greg: it gets better. periscope. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices, at the same time. the wifi in this house is amazing.
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